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1. What is Privatoria?

Privatoria is an online service that allows a truly anonymous communication on the Internet that includes the highest level of anonymity - connecting to Tor via VPN.
The list of services includes solutions for anonymous browsing (Secure VPN, VPN plus Tor, Anonymous Proxy, Web Proxy Tor, Secure DNS) secure communications (Anonymous E-mail). The service is available through the web interface and mobile app for Android.
User-friendly Control Panel, professional Customer Support, vast variety of subscription plans and affordable prices would make your experience the best value for your money.

2. How does Privatoria work?

Privatoria provides 7-day free trial to everyone who wants to try our service.

To start protecting yourself online you just need to create an account on our web site (enter your preferred username and e-mail address) and choose the subscription plan. Your account will be immediately created once payment is completed. User's login and password will be sent to e-mail specified during the registration. You will be able to change your password into a preferred one by clicking on Settings > Change Password. You will find installation instructions in your Control Panel. 

3. Which payment methods are available for purchasing Privatoria?

We currently accept the following payment methods:

  • PayPal
  • Bitcoin
  • Credit card
  • Debit card


4. How do I activate a Promo code or a Discount?

To activate the service please follow the steps:

1. Click Get it now  on  Privatoria homepage
2. Scroll down the page. Here you can see 'Activate promo-code'.
3. Click 'Activate' and enter your promo-code.
4. Click 'Apply'.

5. What is Secure VPN and why do I need it?

Well, there’s an answer to your topical question. Good old Virtual Private Network is a tool that encrypts Internet connection letting you enjoy security in full force & effect. This service enables you to change your virtual location at will, thus, allowing you to reap benefits of absolute online freedom: no hackers, no ISP throttling, and no tracking down of your private information!

Employing VPN can help:

  • hide your IP address and encrypt your identity,
  • protect against identity theft,
  • unblock restricted websites in some online regions,
  • speed up your Internet connection and prevent ISP throttling,
  • protect from ad trackers, hackers and malware, to name but a few.
6. What is VPN Plus Tor?

You don’t have to face tough choice of choosing VPN or Tor anymore! Your wise solution is to use VPN+Tor service offered by Privatoria.

Privatoria, the only provider of such a magnified 2-in-1 solution (VPN+Tor), guarantees the following:

  • Simple, user-friendly way of usage
  • Lack of installation hassles
  • No need for additional specific software
  • Doubled security due to 2 channels employed simultaneously
  • Good performance with all browsers & operational systems
  • Dynamic, real-time process of security assurance
7. What is Anonymous Proxy?

Privatoria has developed a “hide-my-ip” service that enables users to change IP and benefit from anonymous surf. It is now easy to become invisible to anyone who is trying to track yours.

Our IP hider solution is built on proxy technology that prevents websites, message services, e-mails or other IP-communication services from recognizing your real IP address. With our proxy anonymous service, your real geographical location, IP address or browser version will be left unknown. It’s good proxy solution for Youtube, Facebook and any of your favorite sites.

8. What is Anonymous Email? offers Secure E-mail service that enables users to get secure e-mail encryption so that no one could get an access to their files and messages. You can also change your IP to send anonymous e-mail and be sure no one could track you. Entrust your business to secure e-mail providers as data leakage could have dreadful consequences.

How does it work?

  • The service is delivered using e-mail encryption
  • Additional PGP e-mail encryption
  • You access the mailbox through web interface
  • No need to install additional programs and update them
  • No special expertise or technical skills required
  • It will take you only a few seconds to create a mailbox
  • User-friendly and intuitive interface will allow even the least tech-savvy users to set up an account and use it.
9. How many servers does Privatoria have?

Server locations are:

US (New York, San Francisco)





Hong Kong



Netherlands (Amsterdam)




Czech Republic












Currently we have 25 servers and will be adding more!

10. Why Internet speed varies in different parts of the world?

The way information is being transferred mainly depends on the fiber coverage.

We do not influence the speed, at the same time, this graph might be helpful for better understanding of how the connection flow is being widespread throughout the world. Thee VPN speed significantly depends on the geographical position, the closer your country to the server - the faster speed you get.

11. How does user stay anonymous if they need to purchase a subscription?

 You can pay by Bitcoins which are in the list of available payment methods and stay fully anonymous. 

12. Can I use Privatoria on more than one device?

You can use Privatoria's services on 5 different devices and create your safe environment to browse and communicate online!

13. Do we keep logs? does not keep user activity logs. This includes browsing, download history and any other traffic logs.

14. Do we disclose any information to third parties?

We don’t sell, trade, or otherwise transfer your personally identifiable information to third parties, because we don’t ask you about it.

15. The system does not accept my password at registration. What should I do?

As a truly secure service Privatoria advices you to use strong secure passwords. Given the characteristics of all services that Privatoria provides, your password should meet the following requirements:

  • 50 characters max
  • Allowed special characters: # } { + - =

Example of correct password: k+#z6x2nql}ao=r-m0z{+e2-g

16. I forgot my password. What should I do?

Privatoria ensures the highest level of protection for your data. We recommend you to use a strong password while creating an account with us. You can also change the password in your Control Panel under Settings section.

If you experience difficulties with Log in, our system may request a verification of your account in order for a new password to be generated.

You may re-set password by clicking Forgot password, or, contacting our support team via chat/email.


17. Android app, how does it work?

Privatoria is a unique complex Android app that includes:
• Secure VPN
• Secure Chat
• Anonymous E-mail
And it is FREE

You need to create a separate account for Android device and use App without any limitations!

18. How can I get refund?

In case you have technical issues with the software which can not be fixed by Privatoria support team, you may be eligible for a full refund in accordance with Refund Conditions outlined below. However, we are convinced that most of claims for refund can be avoided if you accept professional help from our Customer Support Center.

19. How can I contact you?

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us

We will respond to your tickets no later than 48 hours

20. Do you have Trial?

The mission of being secure online is absolutely accomplishable via 7-day free trial service from Privatoria!

Try it, and you can calculate financial advantages for yourself!

By ordering 7 days trial client agrees that they will be charged in 7 days unless they cancel the subscription. Cancel the trial before 7 days and you will pay nothing. You can cancel the automatic subscription directly from your PayPal account, or, by contacting us at

21. Do you have Affiliate Program?

Want to become an affiliate and promote our products?

Learn more about our Affiliate program. Sign up and start building your income today!

Or, send us an email at for more info

22. Can I access Netflix, Hulu?

You are free to access your favorite sites like Neflix, Hulu and stay protected.

Just create an account on our web site and enjoy your favorite sites and stay private!

23. How to unlock Stores you like?

Have you ever had a problem with finding an app on your favorite Store? Depending on where you are located in the world at the moment, you may have run into this really huge problem. Some countries are banning messengers, social networks apps or even VPN clients.

With VPN this is nothing but one step. Just create an account on our web site and start enjoying your favorite Stores!


24. Plugin for Proxy has launched a plugin in order to simplify its users’ surfing experience. Due to the exploitation of this plugin, users can change their IP address in one click, without additional multi-tier installations and complicated registration procedures.

Right now, this Proxy plugin is available for Chrome and Opera browsers. Besides, the company announces the strategy of expanding the availability of this Proxy plugin onto other browsers – Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and Edge. They will be available in the coming weeks.

25. VPN for international travel

In order to enjoy travelling without the fear of your account being stripped of money in the most remote world corner or to be able to get access to any web content you want without any geo-restrictions, think about your online security long before the actual journey. The best option is VPN or Proxy service.

You can stream any video content you like, listen to your favorite inspiring music tracks for trips or purchase online as many local souvenirs as you like, safely and securely for your wallets and accounts.

26. Refer a Friend

Invite your friend and get a month of free subscription for both of you!

We developed ‘Bring a Friend’ program to give you 30 days of free Privatoria service for each friend you refer to us.