New release of Secure Chat is available

New release of  Secure Chat is available. What’s new?

  • The indicator of Internet channel quality.

You can see the current information about the quality of your Internet connection. This allows you to understand the cause of the disconnection. Since the chat disconnects at low internet speed or problems with internet connection. It means only the problem of connection, but not instability service work. Be calm.

  • File Sharing

You can share files unlimited size with your companion through chat service. It’s 100% securely, because of a direct connection between your  browsers due to WebRTC protocol. There is no data transfer to server.

  • Collection of technical information to make the service better

We respect the right for privacy  of each user. That’s Privatoria developed Chat solution so that nobody can get access to your data. But to improve service and make it better we need some technical information to analyze. That’s why we have add an option to collect technical information to make the service better. There are no logs or your private information, only technical report of the quality of connection. You can be sure about it.

But if you don’t want to collect technical information of your connection to can make this option inactive.
We also improved the quality of voice and video channels.
  •  You can see the duration of conversation.
 It’s not the end. Soon we’ll add a lot of cool options to provide you with more convenient and more secure service to communicate.
Look for updates and try new version here
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