Data security is a key element of any business management. Online communications require powerful technologies and data protection tools. On this occasion, Privatoria applies only trusted and secure technologies, where PGP is one of them.

Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) is generally used for encrypting and decrypting of e-mail conversations. It is also used for secure cloud storage that can be customized for private and business use. The technology uses both public key and private key systems that are important for guaranteeing enhanced security. Developed in 1991, PGP is now known as an e-mail security standard.

PGP enables automatic end-to-end email encryption and decryption. It functions as a proxy and thus leaves you free form installing any software and plugins. It is thus possible for companies to enhance their email box protection at all the possible gateways. Due to the flexibility of the technology, it is possible to protect your email even on your mobile devices without sacrificing security. Empowered with PGP technology, Privatoria will protect the data you send via email or store within online storages.

Originally, PGP was available to use only within the US, however, it later became available for international use, which made it possible for Privatoria to adopt this technology and give its clients an added layer of security. However, Privatoria’s product with an integrated PGP technology currently works faultlessly only on the latest version of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers.

For more detailed information about PGP or other technologies adopted by Privatoria, please contact us at your earliest convenience. You may also get your free trial and try out its performance at no cost.

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