Privatoria’s Secure Solution for Germany

Internet surfing and file sharing is now subjected to higher risk with the emergence of more and more complex malware. Today, German society is becoming more and more involved in technological breakthrough and thus the number of people who do business over the net or prefer online means of communication grows. Yet, the security shouldn’t be compromised, especially in Germany – a country which cannot allow disorder and injustice.

To help you feel confident during their surfing, storing important files online or sending them through data transfer and communication channels, has developed a product, capable of ensuring your safe browsing and data management within German online environment.


Privatoria for German Businesses that Need Secure Solutions

Germany is a well-known business leader that successfully operates in the sector of both manufacturing and services. Such a developed infrastructure requires secure solutions for making sure business confidential data are safe and not exposed to hacking. Being a world’s manufacturing giant and a profound IT services provider, Germany should take all the necessary steps to prevent sensitive data loss. Privatoria for Germany will help businesses operating in any area to keep their data protected and avoid tremendous losses that can affect their reputation or even lead to bankruptcy.


Privatoria for German Individuals who Wish to Browse Confidently

German internet environment is diverse in online entertainment destinations and communication opportunities, including chat services, dating websites, and lots of web resources that Germans visit on a regular basis. However, being a German you understand that the desire for justice makes you look for alternative browsing and data transfer solutions. Privatoria for Germany is a product that blocks all the sensitive channels from abusers, so that users could send encrypted messages and files, communicate without any wiretapping risks and browse anonymously. By taking advantage of Privatoria’s solutions, Germans are now capable of becoming invisible for anyone willing to track them.


As Germans are the nation of individuals who seek for confidence and security, Privatoria for Germany will become a #1 solution for you. It is fully customized for individual use and deals with security issues in complex, starting with e-mail communications to providing safe data transfer channels.

Secure Solutions for Businesses and Individuals in Germany

  • German businesses and individuals will get Anonymous Proxy and Secure VPN to be able to enjoy anonymous surf. With their help, it is possible to change IP and unblock sites that have some regional restrictions or the access to them has been blocked.
  • You will use Secure Chat and Call (voice and video calland Anonymous E-mail to get even more enhanced Internet communications privacy. Your private or business information will not be overheard, intercepted, revealed to public or used against you.
  • Secure file transfer via Secure E-mail, Secure Chat, Secure FTP and Secure Cloud Storage will prevent your files, documents, photos, videos, and passwords from coming into the hands of abusers.

 You can use Privatoria for Germany at any device. However, it shows excellent performance only on the latest version of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers. Try it now by getting your free trial now and enjoy your confident browsing.

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