Privatoria’s Secure Solution for the USA

Internet browsing brings about a lot of risks – hacked access to important data, stolen passwords, files, personal information and lots of other threats that can ruin your reputation. Whether you need to store or transmit data for business or personal use, today’s internet security leaves much to be desired in this crowded environment of abusers and sophisticated malware. By sending the information through such means of communication as Skype, e-mail or social networks, you risk to get it exposed to hacking and stealing.

Internet browsing has seen tremendous growth, especially within the USA. This country is extremely rich in web resources and new browsing opportunities for its residents. That’s why, Privatoria has developed a new customized solution that deals with all the internet security concerns in complex and gives users from the US a piece of mind, whenever they browse, communicate, store or transmit data online.

Business Opportunities Offered by Privatoria for USA users

Huge percentage of all global internet businesses are rooted in the USA. This means all the work is done online – cloud storage and management, communication between business partners, sharing important business files and documents, holding call and video conferences. The largest global corporations are also headquartered in the USA, and their data should be stored and transmitted with maximum security. Speaking of small businesses that developed so rapidly in the USA, data leakage may destroy them even at the initial stages. To prevent this, Privatoria for USA users protects both huge corporations and small businesses from any possible security breaches, guarantees safe cloud storage and transmission.

How Do Individuals Benefit from Privatoria for USA?

The percentage of active internet surfers in the USA is higher than anywhere else, and it keeps growing. The most popular web resources, forums, chat services have been created here. Yet, such a developed internet surfing scenario obviously goes hand in hand with powerful security attacks aimed at stealing personal data, passwords, photos, videos, etc. The solution, developed by Privatoria for USA users, gives surfers a chance to browse confidently, securely and without a fear that someone could be sniffing in their private conversations. They can also hide their IP and browse anonymously so that no one could track their location. This is particularly valuable when you want to access a website that blocks users from the US or when you want to use a forum where you have been banned.

How Does Privatoria for USA Users Deal with the Security Concerns? offers a reliable internet security service that enables anonymous and secure communication online. We aim at giving you the right for privacy, which is guaranteed by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Thus, Privatoria for USA users delivers the following secure solutions for businesses and individuals:

  • Anonymous Proxy and Secure VPN enable anonymous surf, and give you a chance to change your IP as well as unblock sites that have blocked your access.
  • Secure Chat and Anonymous E-mail make your Internet communications confidential and thus more confident. Your private or business information won’t be overheard, intercepted or revealed to public.
  • Secure data transfer via Secure E-mail, anonymous chat, Secure FTP and Secure Cloud Storage protect your files, documents, photos, videos, and passwords from abusers.

 As lots of people in the USA may be concerned about political or economic retribution or harassment, when all the sensitive data transmission gateways are protected, the security issue is not put at stake. Privatoria for USA users can be tried out for free here. Why don’t you get your  free trial now?

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