Privatoria Web Proxy is the simplest way to use Tor

Connecting to Tor via Proxy

The double protection of
Tor Web Proxy provides the
highest level of anonymity

Easy to use. There is no need
to set up any Tor
software on your device

Works on all platforms and all
devices: Windows, Mac OS,
Linux/Unix, Fire OS, Chrome
OS, Android, iOS, etc

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How it works

Tor networks provide the highest level of client anonymity

scheme Privatoria user Proxy-server Privatoria The chain of Tor Public traffic

Privatoria provides the confidentiality of transmitted data
and the anonymity of the user. No data mining is collected

Tor is good, but Tor plus Proxy is even better :)

To be hacked via Tor you must first
be identified

Tor sees only the IP address of the
Privatoria Proxy server

Privatoria does not have any
information about you, because we do
not keep any logs and do not require
your personal information

Therefore, in the case of a theoretical
compromise of the Tor, you will be
additionally protected by the threshold
of Proxy. –°ircle. You stayed anonymous

Privatoria Tor Web Proxy Server locations


63+ Proxy countries for connection!
There is no need to change any settings. Just one click and you can
connect from anywhere in the world!

Check out full list of Privatoria Anonymous Proxy server locations


3 Months

$ 4,33
per month

charged as
one off payment of $12,99

SAVE 37%

12 Months

$ 2,74
per month

charged as
one off payment of $32,99

SAVE 12%

6 Months

$ 3,83
per month

charged as
one off payment of $22,99