Refund Policy

Your purchase of services provided by Privatoria s.r.o. is regulated by this policy. Please read it carefully before completing your order as it determines your rights with regard to your purchases. By placing an order with Privatoria s.r.o. you agree that it is being governed by this policy.


In case you have technical issues with the software which can not be fixed by Privatoria support team, you may be eligible for a full refund in accordance with Refund Conditions outlined below. However, we are convinced that most of claims for refund can be avoided if you accept professional help from our Customer Support Center.

Due to the complex nature of Privatoria’s services, there are many factors that go beyond our responsibility.
According to VPNs, as much as we would love to blame it on us, in many cases, latency, speed, your ISP’s routing policy, packet loss due to network congestion, the actual distance between a VPN node and you as well as physical hardware restrictions and local firewall rules can influence your experience with Privatoria’s Secure VPN. It’s obvious that you will experience speed loss when you connect to a node that is physically far away from you (example: you are located in Germany and connect to China). The Tor integrated Anonymous Proxy feature depends on the Tor nodes, that’s why speeds can be a little slow at times, etc…
It’s in our interest to do everything in our power to keep our customers happy. We don’t want to lock you into a service if you are not fully satisfied and will do our best to deliver the service you have paid for.

Refund Conditions

There is a 30-day guarantee where you can request a refund if the service does not work for you. Refund Period begins on the date of purchase and expires on the last day of the Refund Period.
Refund can be requested by contacting our Customer Support team via
We are 100% that our services would satisfy the most sophisticated demands. At the same time, we recommend you to take the advantage of our 7-day trial to make sure that this is the best service for you.

By purchasing our 7 days Trial you agree that  we will charge you in 7 days unless you cancel the subscription.

No refund can be issued to customers in case their reasons for a refund are completely beyond Privatoria s.r.o. control. They include:

  • The customer does not check compatibility information or does not follow the installation guidelines
  • The customer does not accept technical assistance of our customer support team
  • Personal reasons (I’ve changed my mind, I’ve made a purchase by mistake, Software was not used, etc)
  • Restrictions to Internet access applied by some countries (E.g. China, South Korea, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Iran) which we cannot forecast nor affect