As an online security provider, Privatoria is highly concerned about the data safety of its clients. One of the key technologies implemented by Privatoria and designed to deliver secure solutions to its users is RSA. It was developed by RSA Data Security and now offers excellent public key encryption of data sent over the net.

With an emphasis on security and enhanced data protection against malware and spyware, Privatoria has successfully integrated RSA technology into the product it delivers to businesses and individuals who need a secure way to communicate, store and share data online. In fact, it takes a huge amount of time and computer processing efforts to encrypt an RSA key, which makes it impossible for abusers to decrypt the data you send.

RSA technology has become a globally known key encryption standard, used for data transfer across the web. As a network security provider, RSA offers its customized solutions for maximized data protection. It has been tested and certified by the US government and now offers highest-rated security.

Technology’s primary goal is to manage, protect, and monitor access to networks and corporate software. Its integration within Privatoria should give our clients an added layer of confidence as their data are protected by a trusted and reliable company that has been operating since 1982.

If you are deeply concerned about the security of your personal or business information or you just wish to browse anonymously, try out the performance of the RSA technology integrated into the Privatoria’s product. Please also note that it currently offers faultless performance only on the latest version of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers. Get your free trial now and enjoy more confident browsing and data sharing.

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