Secure Call

Overheard conversations may cause a row of serious security concerns, such as  important data leakage and disclosure to third parties. In its turn, this may affect your business or personal reputation. Why sacrifice your privacy when you can use Secure Voice Chat and make sure no one is “sniffing” into your online conversations.

When you communicate through a Secure Call service delivered by Privatoria, your voice is encrypted for an added layer of security. End-to-end encryption is applied, which means the data cannot be accessed from the Privatoria’s servers. To make it possible, secure open technology WebRTC  is used. Thus, all the voice encrypted data are stored on our safe servers that are protected from even the most sophisticated malware.

As a result, users will benefit from:

Our secure call service will be a valuable investment for those who prefer to discuss business in voice or need to make sure their personal voice calls are not overheard. Get your free trial now to see how your online communication is enhanced. You may also be interested in our Anonymous Chat service that enables secure internet communications between chat companions.


Technologies we use