Secure Chat

Anonymous text messaging or Confidential  Call and Secure Video Call may come in handy whenever you wish to stop worrying about anyone “sniffing” into your online conversations. Stolen data or disclosure of important files you transmit via your online chat app may all be caused by insecure communication channels within your network.

How to Communicate Securely and Confidently?

Secure Chat service provides with an opportunity to exchange messages, by establishing a direct connection between their browsers, and uses Peer to Peer method for online communication organization. Only the subscribers’ web browsers are used. At the same time, there is no data transfer to “PRIVATORIA.NET” server, which makes it impossible to record sessions between subscribers.

To spread messages, files, audio/video communication, cryptographic methods are used for traffic protection against interception or analysis. This service is based on the new, open technology WebRTC.

A user will benefit from:

  • Secure Chat
  • Secure Call
  • Secure Video Call
  • Secure Data Transfer
  • Secure Screen Sharing

All the chat history is deleted as soon as the conversation ends. In terms of usage and installation, no special knowledge or configuration skills required.

If online privacy is your utmost priority, this private chat solution will be a right choice for you. Enjoy more confident communication experience and leave all the security worries behind.

If you are looking for secure internet communications, you may be interested in our Secure Call Service or Anonymous E-mail. Our Secure Chat application is available for both business and personal use and it can be tried out right now for free. Get your free trial here.


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