Secure Cloud Storage

Internet security is the issue of utmost priority, especially for those who work with important business data. Any information sent using conventional methods via Internet (E-mail, Skype, GTalk, etc.), as well as the history of visited sites, sent photos and documents, can be viewed by intelligence agencies. Moreover, 91% of the workforce still transfers company files to insecure personal devices.

Is There a Way to Get Secure Cloud Storage?

Privatoria has developed secure solutions for business and individuals to maximize your on-line privacy and enhance your Internet safety. Internet privacy solution enables users to get an access to secure cloud storage in Cloud and transfer files and messages on-line safely and reliably. You will be able to send photos, documents, confidential information like credit card details, etc.

Due to technologically advanced data privacy systems, the files and messages you send will be available to only one person – the one you generated a digital code (ID) and shared it with. Advanced information systems security makes is impossible to use this ID repeatedly.

Key Benefits of Secure Solutions for file transfer:

  • Users download a file or message only once, and then its ID is removed from the system, together with all files and/or messages.
  • If the shared data is not downloaded within 24 hours, it is simply removed from the system and their ID cannot be used.
  • Users do not need special knowledge of security programs and configure them.

If you are interested in more detailed information about our business security solutions, do not hesitate to contact our information security manager to get all the necessary assistance. You may also find it useful to find out more about Secure FTP transfer.

Our cloud storage service is available for both business and personal use with differences in pricing and functionality. Choose the right fit for you and get our free trial to test the benefits of secure cloud storage in cloud.

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