Secure FTP

File sharing process can eventually disclose your important business or personal data, unless some reliable security measures have been properly taken. The issue of data leakage should always require special attention. With all the spyware and malware all over the net, secure data transfer will be valuable not only for businesses, but also for individuals who want to transfer some personal or confidential information.

Reliable Solution for Secure File Transfer

Privatoria’s latest feature is a file transfer application that enables sending data over FTP protocol securely, reliably, and anonymously. Transfer files to an unlimited number of users at once. Secure file transfer gives you more confident communication and data sharing experience. Your confidential information is thus safe and you may be sure you can avoid its disclosure.

You should understand that when strangers access your confidential information, it can be used against you, ruin your reputation, and your valuable ideas can simply be stolen. Our company strives to protect your privacy as today’s online environment leaves much to be desired in terms of security.

Key Benefits of our File Transfer App:

  • It is possible to download the file several times.
  • You can grant access to the file to an unlimited number of users.
  • After a 24-hour period expires, the file is automatically removed from the system.
  • It is possible to use this file transfer solution both via browser and FTP-client.

Get in touch today to find out more about our secure data transfer service. It is customized for both business and personal use. You may also be interested in our Secure Cloud Storage service. Whatever security issues are the most pressing for you, get our free trial now and see how to enhance your online safety reliably and securely.

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