Secure Video Call

Secure Video Call and Anonymous text messaging or confidential  call  may come in handy whenever you wish to stop worrying about anyone sniffing into your online conversations.

The importance of Secure Video Call is striking. Recorded videos of either your business conferences or personal videos may later be exposed to public. It may have dreadful consequences for your personal reputation or business operation. That’s why it’s vital to be confident no one is “sniffing” into your video chat, either business competitors or those interested in your personal life.

Most probably, you’ve used Skype , but unfortunately, its security leaves much to be desired. Yet, its ease of use still make it a choice. But what if there is a way to combine convenient functionality with enhanced security?

How to Communicate Securely and Confidently?

Secure Video Call  service provides with an opportunity to communicate through video channel, by establishing a direct connection between their browsers, and uses Peer to Peer method for online communication organization. Only the subscribers’ web browsers are used. At the same time, there is no data transfer to “PRIVATORIA.NET” server, which makes it impossible to record sessions between subscribers.

To spread messages, files, audio/video communication, cryptographic methods are used for traffic protection against interception or analysis. This service is based on the new, open technology WebRTC.

A user will benefit from:

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