In today’s online environment crowded with malware and spyware, it’s only natural for its community to seek for privacy and data security. Stolen business and personal data, exposed history of browsing, its monitoring and modification may all result from connecting to VPN through an insecure network.

How to Keep Your Data Safe?

Privatoria has made it the utmost priority to maximize your privacy and data security. We provide users with our own VPN (Virtual Private Network). By encrypting your data to our remote secure servers, we enable anyone to use the public internet through a secure private network.

Keep your activity, identity and location private by means of using VPN solution, delivered by Privatoria. It’s indispensable for those who value privacy and cannot afford important data loss or disclosure. Based on the OpenVPN technology, our VPN enables you to connect to anonymous VPN server and surf the net securely without being tracked.

Key Benefits of VPN Service:

  • You can unblock websites which are not available in your region. Or, your access to the forum has been banned.
  • Want to surf anonymously? We will hide your IP address and location by giving you our own IP address. Surf securely without footprints and with your online privacy being untouched.
  • No technical expertise is required to connect to Secure VPN. All you have to do is to enter your anonymous and unique login and password that have been generated on your request and push the “Create VPN Access” button.
  • No personal data is required.
  • Privatoria can see neither your geographical location nor any browsing details which gives you more confident browsing experience.
  • Secure VPN is established through protected connection and thus only encrypted information will be visible to the provider.

You may also be interested in Anonymous Proxy service to get even more privacy while enjoying your surf. It’s more easy to use.

You can try our VPN for free – get your demo version now.

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