Privatoria’s goal lies in delivering enhanced security to its clients. Poor security systems available today encourage you to adopt powerful and advanced technologies. That’s why striving for high-level data protection made us implement one more trusted solution in the industry of security. SHA-1 (Secure Hashing Algorithm-1) was published in 1995 by the US National Security Agency and now belongs to a Secure Hash Standard by NIST.

In fact, there are 4 different SHA algorithms, where SHA-1 is currently the most popular among them all. Even though there were a few serious attacks on SHA-1 in 2005, it still operates faultlessly and the security is not compromised.

To be more specific on the functionality of SHA-1, it is a hash function that is not intended for encrypting values. On the contrary, it’s like an index for values and it’s used for performing one-way transformation.

Please also note that Privatoria is integrated now with SHA-2 technology. It’s more secure. Are you interested in finding out more detailed information about SHA-1 or other technologies implemented by Privatoria? Then please contact us at your earliest convenience or you can also try out the performance of Privatoria’s product for free by getting your free trial.

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