To enhance the safety of data you store and transfer online, Privatoria uses only trusted and reliable technologies. SSL is one of the leading data encryption technologies implemented into the product that we offer to our clients. It has gained such a significant popularity all over the world that even not tech-savvy users are familiar with it.

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a powerful technology that establishes an encrypted connection between a client and a server. The connection between a browser and a website or between a mail client and a mail server can be shown as bright examples. As a result of its implementation into the Privatoria’s product, such sensitive data as login information, credit card details, social security number and transaction reports can be transferred safely without anyone being able to get access to them.

Without SSL, the scenario leaves much to be desired. The information you store or transmit online is extremely vulnerable and is thus exposed to hacking, your voice or video call can be wiretapped and then reveled to public. If the abuser manages to break your security protection between a browser and a web server, the information you store and transmit is no longer protected. The importance of securely protected data transfer gateways is thus enormous and requires advanced approaches. Currently, SSL protects data of millions of users worldwide and this number grows at a fast pace.

In more specific terms, SSL is considered to be a security protocol that describes how to use algorithms. There is a key pair: private and public key that work together to provide encrypted data connection. All the data encrypted with the private key require a public key to be decrypted and vice versa.

Why don’t you try out how SSL works and see how accurately it meets your needs. Get your free trial of a SSL protocol integrated into the Privatoria’s product.

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