Streamlined Internet Security – the Way to Make Your Browsing Safer and more Confident

No matter whether you need to store or transmit data for personal or business use, the question of internet security is quite sensitive in today’s crowded online jungle. And no wonder it is – with all that spyware and malware across the net a considerable amount of information transmitted online is exposed to hacking.

Any information sent via internet using conventional methods, like Skype, social networks or e-mail, as well as the history of browsing, sent photos, personal passwords, bank accounts and credit card details can be viewed by intelligence agencies. Moreover, 25% of e-mail accounts and 17% of social media accounts are hacked. Data are stolen, modified, revealed to public and subjected to disclosure.

 But how then transfer information between business partners, share some private files with friends or browse privately without worrying that someone could be sniffing into your conversations?

If online privacy is an indispensable element of internet browsing for you, then a row of security measures are required to make it fully-functional. Thus, if you want to protect your data with your privacy untouched, there are a few important information security services, capable of maximizing your online security:

  • Secure VPN and Secure Proxy provide you with the opportunity of anonymous surf, enable you to change your IP and unblock sites that have restricted your access.
  • Anonymous E-mail and Secure Chat and Secure Call make your Internet communications confidential and more confidentYou can be sure your private or business information won’t be overheard, intercepted or used against you.
  • Secure data transfer via Anonymous E-mailSecure ChatSecure FTP and Secure Cloud Storage protect your files and documents from malicious plans. No one undesirable can get an access to them.


Anonymous communications make business or personal discussions more confident as they do not reveal important data to third parties and do not put your business safely at stake. Lots of people may be concerned about political or economic retribution harassment, or even threats to their lives. To prevent data leakage, it is vital for them to make sure their information is safe and not subjected to disclosure.

Privatoria offers an internet security service that enables absolutely anonymous communication, surfing and file sharing on the Internet. Our mission is to uphold the right for privacy, which is guaranteed by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Privatoria’s list of services includes secure solutions for business and internet security for individuals.

To make sure your privacy is untouched, experts suggest that it is vital to close all the sensitive data transfer channels that can experience security break. It presupposes storing your data on a secure server, using reliable VPN, communicating via Secure E-mail and chat, etc. You need to take care of your data security in complex.

Thus, why sacrifice privacy, put your business reputation at stake when there is a real chance to keep your data safe and protected? Privatoria is a working and reliable solution to deal with sensitive security issues. If offers all the mentioned above security solutions is complex. Why don’t you get a free trial and find out how to surf securely in the net?

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