Try updated Secure Chat!

Dear guests!
We have great news for you. We have updated Secure Chat, Secure Call and Secure Video services.
You can try it free here.

Service includes the following functions:

  • Create secure chat and invite your guest
  • Use a secure text messaging option
  • Make a Secure Voice Call using only your browsers (without Privatoria’s server due to WebRTC technology)
  • You can use Video conferencing. It’s a great useful option, which a many of you were waiting.
  • Share secure files with your companion through chat solution
  • Exit Anonymous Chat and delete all chat history automatically.

It’s important to note that all chat services work excellent only in Google Chrome. Using another browsers you can face some errors. Don’t worry. We are working to improve it.

Privatoria is also working to add new delicious functions to Secure Chat and Secure Call services like:

  • recording audio/video
  • anonymous call to mobile phones
  • sending anonymous sms and a lot of other interesting options.

Wait them! But try the current version of Secure Chat now for free.

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