When it comes to operating an online business or enjoying secure communication, one of the key elements is secure environment that enables protected cloud storage and transfer. Privatoria is striving to make it possible by means of applying powerful data security technologies available today. WebRTC is one of the leading security solutions divided into three API’s aimed at enabling safe real-time communications: RTCPeerConnection, getUserMedia, and RTCDataChannel.

WebRTC technology is designed to protect users from powerful malware and spyware available today and thus from undesirable intrusions into their personal and business communication. With the built-in features, WebRTC takes all the effective measures to provide automated media encryption and allow secure real-time communication in web browsers. Even though the technology is quite new, the list of its advantages definitely speaks in favor of it. All the WebRTC features have been customized to be integrated into the Privatoria’s product to better serve the final purpose – secure real-time communications online.

That’s thanks to WebRTC that Privatoria enables real-time communication without installing any software or plugins. The technology also offers the solutions that allow streaming video and voice right in the browsers. So far, the technology is compatible only with the latest versions of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers. Connecting users worldwide has never been easier. We can assure all the users of a Privatoria’s product empowered with WebRTC, that it keeps all the data safe and protected.

By 2019, over 2 billion individual users – half the Internet population – will be exploiting the new technology for voice and video communications. We are strongly encouraging you to try out the functionality of WebRTC integrated into the Privatoria’s product by getting your free trial now. Should you be interested in more detailed information about other technologies implemented in our product, we will gladly provide you with all the necessary information.

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